Truck tank

bitumen tanker truck Truck tank - type of the vehicle used for transporting of liquid loads on the road. Trucks of this type are made from several materials, depending on transported loads. In general, tankers are made from coal steel, plastics reinforced with glass fiber and aluminum. Tankers divides by size..

truck cement tank

Truck cement tank

bitumen tanker truck Truck cement tank - type of the vehicle, equipped with the special container (tanker), used to carry several loose, powder-like and granulated materials - cement, loose sand, gypsum, etc. Cement trucks are available as a semitrailers, trailers or chassis, where the special binding are mounted..

truck cement tank

Gas tank truck

bitumen tanker truck Gas semi-trailer tank truck intended for carrying butane, propane and liquid metane gas. Gas trucks are used for transporting liquid hydrocarbon gases and propane-butane mixes. This kind of truck are indispensable to fill up gas stations and cars gas stations. Depending on type of gas truck, tanker can cool or decrease..

gas tank truck

Bitumen tanker truck

bitumen tanker truck Bitumen tanker truck - type of tanker truck used for asfalt (bitumen, mazout, oil). Bitumen trucks have isothermal construction and are equipped with systems for bitumen heating up to 250° C (because these kind of materials can be carrying hot only), powered by paraffin or oil..

bitumen tanker truck

Truck fuel tank

bitumen tanker truck Truck fuel tank - it's kind of the special truck used to carrying petrol derivative products. There are following type of fuel trucks: tanker truck, tanker trailer and tanker semitrailer. Tanker truck for petroleum carrying differs from other types installed on it chassis tanker. Tanker trailer has tanker..

truck fuel tank

Fish truck tanker

bitumen tanker truck Fish truck tanker - type of vehicle used for carrying living fishes. Tanker is made from stainless steel with the special support, installed on the truck's chassis and binded with the metal belts. In the upper part of fish tanker are 1-2 holes to filling it with the water, which are closed with the special locks..

fish truck tanker

Flour tank truck

bitumen tanker truck Flour tank truck - type of the vehicle equipped with the special tanker, which is suitable for carrying flour and other loose materials. With this kind of tanker you can carry loose loads on the distance of 200-300 km or within the city lines, for example from elevator to the bakery. Flour trucks are classified..

flour tank truck

Milk truck tank

bitumen tanker truck Milk truck tank - type of truck used for carrying of milk, water, alcohol and other grocery liquids. Milk truck can be used to carrying liquids withing the city lines or the furher distances (up to 200 km). Milk vehicles differs by the type of connection with tanker – semitrailer, trailer or milk truck..

milk truck tank